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More environmental testing

As per the previous post, I’ve been toying around with a weather / temperature monitoring system, as part of this system I’m also adding a relatively basic wind direction/strength system that can be linked to projectile velocity (especially for slower moving objects more prone to their trajectory being effected by wind resistance), as a bonus the current wind direction can also be pulled dynamically from the instanced particle systems linked to weapons fire, allowing for wind to effect how the muzzle smoke is blown from the barrel.

As you can see from the above demo, the smoke from the barrel with no wind just trails up as normal, this is because the vector2 for wind direction is currently set to 0,0 while you could simply use a single value for direction, with 0 for no wind, a positive number for right force, negative for left, it’s better to use both X and Y so we can, if we desire, adjust the vertical direction of the wind too which will come in handy for a later section of the level where you are ascending a vertical exhaust shaft, where we would want the wind to be blowing downwards.

Equally, continuing on from the previous post, as the player gets higher within the exhaust shaft they would also be getting closer to the jet system the exhausts were built for, so the higher the player climbs the higher the base temperature would be come, and the longer the weapon systems will take to recover from higher temperature states.

These are just subtle mechanics of course, but I feel they add a little challenge to the gameplay and force the player to be mindful of their environments.