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Hitting pause on game dev for an interesting case study

In recent news I saw the potential for an interesting case study, where we can use some game development techniques to unravel some of the smoke and mirrors behind the news in Hollywood.

As some of you may be aware there’s currently a bit of drama surrounding the firing of the actor Clayne Crawford following a series of disciplinary actions for berhaviour on the set of Fox TV’s Lethal Weapon, seemingly brought forward by co-star Damon Wayans, that alone wouldn’t really be that interesting but it’s the bizarre twitter rampage Damon Wayans went on following the official announcement of Clayne Crawford’s firing that really sparked my interest, in these tweets Damon sounded off on co-star Clayne Crawford with accusations of causing an unsafe workplace, taking pleasure in bringing women on set to tears, and causing an injury to occur during a on-screen shoot out where shrapnel from a special effect hit Damon Wayan’s head.