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Steady progress has been made in recent months, we’ll be looking to release a short demo in the new year!

Complete list of changes:

  • New in-game menu system
  • Dynamic weather system prototype started, allowing rain showers and adjustments to environment lighting
  • New enemies and world objects added
  • 2D Lighting system optimized for better performance
  • Upgraded background parallax system, way more performance efficient!

Upcoming changes:

  • Rework of raycast system to add hitbox detection and particle effects to bounce branching on laser weapons
  • Checkpoint and continue system, which should operate in two formats, detailed below.
  • Redesign of door puzzle interface to better match game aesthetics.
  • Rework of player component to move body animation from sprite to GameObject changes, to allow for better hitbox detection and interaction with 2D lightsources.
  • More environment design and level structure!

With regards to checkpoint and continue system, this is going to be handled in two ways, normal progression through the levels and game will be soft-recorded, allowing you to continue from the last soft checkpoint when you die, however saving overall progress will be done via in-game terminals and via menus between levels, with 3 save slots available for different playthroughs, echoing classic game systems.

I’ve also been in touch with the [email protected] team regarding the Xbox One / Series S/X version of the game, and feedback thus far has been positive, so as things progress I will be branching development updates with console-specific details.

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