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Development progress on the latest Alpha build is going smoothly with a huge list of changes since the previous build 2020.03, changes include, amongst others:

  • Complete rewrite of the dialog interface and backend
  • Rewrite of controller detection and management
  • Updated player character animation system
  • Updated legacy camera system, now supports slow follow and various screen effects
  • Puzzle interface for locked doors added
  • Weapon management system refined
  • UI and scaling issues resolved, no longer requires 16:9 to display correctly
  • Complete ground up rework of title and menu system
  • New enemies and world objects added
  • VA support added to on screen dialog, with preliminary VA work attached to current build
  • Weather system refined for better optimization
  • New smoke system added to player for much nicer flow and style giving proper weight to the players mech

With all these great changes some issues have reared their head which will next up on the list of things to address, these are:

  • 2D Lighting system causing significant slowdown on mobile build
  • Overlay UI needed for controlling the game via mobile (Without a connected controller)
  • Background parallax needs changing to a surface shader to improve performance.
  • Consolidation of audio source system

Screenshots and gameplay video of the current build will follow in the coming days.