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Over the past few months we have been toying with the idea of making a modern “Re-volt” style racing game, and as such we’ve set out to build not only a fun RC racer, but given it the most accurate and detailed vehicle models in an RC racing game to date.

As a test we’ve built an accurate 3D version of the original Tamiya Super Hornet, with geometry as close to the real thing as possible, we think you’ll agree the result is very close to the real thing!

In addition, all of the original decals have been lovingly replicated in high resolutions, giving the best overall quality of both texture asset and 3D modelling.

What this level of detail does is allows us to make vehicles modular, with a future option of being able to customize your car with real-world parts, all accurately represented in-game, here we see the Tamiya GT Tuned motor attached to the Super Hornet rear subframe.

It’s early days of course, but we hope you’ll be as excited as us for how this title will progress!

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