GT86 / BRZ / FRS 2017+ Cluster Retrofit Kit


This kit allows for the navigation and control of a 2017+ GT86 / BRZ dash cluster, installed in to a first generation GT86 / BRZ / FRS

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The kit features a drill-free configuration, allowing you to simply pop out an existing blanking panel and slot in the new, replacement panel with the switches pre-installed and ready to use.

Great care has been taken in the selection of the material and color of the resin used for the panel to match, as closely as possible, the OEM plastics within the vehicle, giving you a clean, OEM-looking installation with no need to disassemble switches, drill holes or extensively dismantle your vehicle to install the part.


  • DashNav PCB
  • 50cm XH2.54 cable for connecting to your cluster
  • High quality resin printed housing for Dimmer installation
  • Printed installation instructions

The default configuration of this product is to be installed in place of the blanking panel to the right of your interior lighting dimmer dial, if on your vehicle this is populated with a headlight level adjustment dial (uncommon) you can either DIY install the switch where you need it (Printed instructions includes a drill template for this purpose).

In the very near future we will be offering this kit with alternative installation options, with a cable extension for those that will be installing the kit further than 50cm away from the cluster connector.


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